Shenzhen international Medical devices exhibition

December 12, 2023
Latest company news about Shenzhen international Medical devices exhibition

Huaxin Technology made a wonderful appearance "2023 China Shenzhen International Medical Equipment Exhibition",医疗展.jpg



August 29, 2023 Shenzhen International Medical Equipment Exhibition in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Baoan New Venue) opened, the exhibition invited more than 2,000 exhibitors, the exhibition exhibition area of 250,000 square meters: exhibits related to medical imaging, medical devices / equipment, test medicine IVD, disinfection sensory control, rehabilitation and physiotherapy, dressings consumables / protection, home health care, medical electronics, medical information technology, intelligent medical, medical design and manufacturing, medical industry services and other medical industry chain products. Medical, medical design and manufacturing, medical industry services and other medical industry chain products.


Visitors and buyers cover 90% of China's medical equipment manufacturers, as well as the life sciences industry, primary and secondary upstream supply chain enterprises, more than 90% of the audience and buyers are medical machinery and equipment manufacturers and health industry enterprises, corporate purchasing, technology, R & D, design, production of decision makers and responsible.


The exhibition invites well-known experts, scholars, medical manufacturing enterprises, supply chain enterprises and industry media in the field of medical at home and abroad to participate in the exhibition, to discuss the current problems faced by the global medical industry and the development trend of the medical industry, to share the most cutting-edge medical industry, new technologies, new materials, new processes, and to lead the development of China's health care industry innovation. The scope of exhibits covers various medical parts, medical technology, intelligent medical equipment and intelligent medical solutions, medical upstream and downstream supply chain, production technology and intelligent equipment, R&D, design, testing, inspection and certification of healthcare supplies, OEM processing, etc.



As a globally renowned display manufacturer, liquid crystal panel (LCD), liquid crystal display module (LCM), touch panel (TP), OLED, LED backlight and solution provider, we are focusing on smart display, focusing on smart healthcare, science-based healthcare, innovation-based healthcare, high efficiency healthcare, as well as other home appliances, sports and fitness equipment, automotive, industrial,,, electric power, financial, consumer electronics and various other fields. Focusing on the application scenarios display program and medical field LCD application effect demonstration, to further show the world the innovative technology of Huaxin Technology!


At the exhibition site, Huaxin Technology focuses on intelligent digital display and medical industry applications, and highlights cutting-edge innovative products and LCD application scenarios such as Liquid Crystal Panel (LCD), Liquid Crystal Display Module (LCM), Touch Panel (TP), OLED, and LED backlighting, etc., and empowers medical intelligent display applications in various industries with new technology and new science and technology. This year's exhibition mainly showcases slimming instrument, massage instrument, digital electrocardiograph, multifunctional cervical spondylosis treatment instrument, simulation massage instrument, electronic sphygmomanometer, fat exercise machine, health care body shaping instrument, beauty and fitness instrument, medical instrument, treadmill, waist machine, fitness bike, trainer, pedometer, yardstick meter, beauty and fitness instrument, fat square meter, fitness instrument, electronic sphygmomanometer, body weight measurement scale and other medical industry liquid crystal display screen Application and cutting-edge advanced technology.