Huaxin technology: the first year of production aims at an output value of 250 million yuan

May 8, 2023

On February 18, 2022, Huaxin Technology (Enshi) Co., LTD., which was still in construction and decoration outside the gate, was very busy. The interview room and training room on the first floor are crowded with administrative staff hurrying in and out. The general manager Wang Zhenxu calls one after another. "Recruiting, training, debugging equipment, shipping, too busy." When wang returned to work on the seventh day of the first lunar month, she did not take a day off.


This is a major r & D, production LED display, LCD panel, touch screen and other products of the enterprise. Last year, Enshi Prefecture introduced it from Shenzhen, settled in Enshi High-tech Zone, and provided a four-story, 30,000 square meters of standard factory. In January, the company received orders of more than 30 million yuan and rushed to production.


Changing clothes, disinfecting and wearing masks, Oh led us to the second floor where production was taking place. There are more than 10 production lines in the workshop, and more than 100 workers are busy with their work under the guidance of "master".


Wang Zhenxu introduced, display screen (touch screen) widely used in household appliances, automobiles, medical, aerospace and other fields, high technical requirements, including slicing, cracking, cleaning, development and other processes, each link must be accurate, to ensure quality standards.


At the testing station, a worker checks the welding of conductive wires on glass to chips on a computer. With 50 times magnification, more than 100 conductive wires appear clearly on the screen. "Each conducting wire is 14 microns long, and if it fails to overlap beyond 3 microns, it means the weld is not successful." "Said the technical master.


Reporters see, the site workers operation is not very skilled, teachers need to be patient guidance.


Ms Oh says it takes at least three months to go from beginner to master, and with current productivity running at a fifth of normal, they will be the first batch of skilled workers the company will train in just over a month. By October, the company is expected to have more than 800 skilled workers.


The 3rd and 4th floor are also production workshops and have been decorated. "More than 20 sets of equipment are on the way, and all will be installed and debugged by April." Wang zhenxu said the equipment investment amounted to 350 million yuan, including a glass pre-process production line installed on the fourth floor, which cost 80 million yuan to import from Europe. It is the most advanced production line in the world and is expected to arrive in Enshi in March. This year, the company plans to achieve output value of more than 200 million yuan, and strive to reach 250 million yuan.